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Jumpstart Your DIY Home Maintenance List This Spring

After a long, dreary winter, spring brings forth an energy that can motivate you to take care of things around your home. While typical spring cleaning involves purging and organizing, one should not overlook what’s happening on the exterior of the home, too — especially after months of cold, windy weather. There are several DIY…

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Real Estate Contingencies Explained

Real Estate Contingencies Explained The buying & selling of real estate can be very stressful to say the least. I wanted to write this blog so that those who decide to read it and find themselves trying to navigate through a real estate transaction themselves, it may shed a little light on how these contingencies…

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Secrets Every Home Seller Needs to Know

First Steps to Home Selling “But You Gotta Know the Territory” — and Terminology Location! Location! Location! is the most crucial consideration in commercial real estate and a major factor, if not the predominant one, in commercial real estate pricing. Likewise, novice (and not-so-novice) home sellers must know the considerations – such as location – that…

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