A Solution for Those Who Need To Declutter, Stage, or Downsize

StorageUnits.com is an up-and-coming startup that aims to help people all over the United States find the best, most convenient storage options in their communities. Our website is designed to allow consumers to quickly find and compare storage unit companies that meet their needs, whether they are looking for traditional self-storage or a full-service storage and moving solution.

This is going to be a quick blog about a problem that so many of us have, and how a guy by the name of Daniel Cobb (Co-Founder, Operations) was the visionary on a better way.

How it started.

In 2010, Daniel Cobb was getting ready to jet off on a six-month sabbatical in Vietnam and needed to store his stuff. Daniel started shopping around online for a storage unit. He quickly realized that finding a quality storage unit that met his needs and high standards was no easy task. After hours of web research and phone calls, and several visits across town, Daniel came to the conclusion that there has to be a better way to find a storage unit, especially when time is of the essence.

After searching the web for a tool that would allow him to quickly compare quality facilities, Daniel realized that there was a need that was not being met. From there, Daniel has been slowly working to put the team and design together, and now that vision has become a reality in StorageUnits.com.

Their Mission.

Finding Quality Storage Is a Pain

Those who’ve ever been in the unfortunate position of finding a storage unit company know what a hassle and time-consuming process it can be to find storage that’s close by, secure, and affordable. Hours of your precious time is often required to find storage unit companies, research whether they are secure and highly rated by customers, and find out whether they provide the services that meet your needs. All of this is doubly true when you move to a new city or community!

Making the Search for Storage Quick and Painless

Our goal is to help you skip the hours of research and numerous phone calls, so we do the hard work for you. The result is a curated list of storage companies nearby that you can trust, and short summaries of our research that help you quickly determine whether a company meets your needs and is worth your time to follow up with.

Their Approach.

Data-Driven Metrics

Our team of researches and industry experts has developed a unique approach to determining which companies in a given area are high-quality, secure, and reputable. Our team filters every storage unit company in a given city through 25 metrics across five main categories. Our metrics include average review scores from a variety of sources, complaint history with the BBB, searches for litigation and regulation action, and many more.

Hands-On Research

In addition to using our data-driven methodology to select the initial group of storage unit companies in a given city, our team of writers further narrows the list by spending hours researching each individual company. From reading reviews of real customers, to pouring over a company’s website and making phone calls, we ensure that every company on our site meets our high-standards for great customer service and industry-leading security measures. Our final step is to award the best companies based on their unique features and stand-out qualities.

If you’re in a position that you need a storage unit, make it as simple as possible on yourself and use storageunits.com. One less stress in the moving process, can go a long way in your experience. And remember, if you’re needing to downsize or are thinking of selling your home, your local experts at The Batchelor Hanna Group are here to help in with all of your Real Estate needs!

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