Questions to Ask a Realtor When Shopping for a Home in Las Vegas

Guest Blog By: Skylar Ross

Do you think purchasing a home in Las Vegas would be the right move? If the answer is yes, you should never rush a decision. Everything starts by picking a reliable real estate agent. Once you select a realtor, these are the questions you should ask them.

What Location Would You Recommend Me?

You might have the perfect neighborhood or city area in mind. But if you don’t, an experienced realtor will be able to help. It is critical for the agent to have enough time and be ready to listen to your requirements.

For example, would you prefer a suburban area that is not crowded? Or do you appreciate being closer to downtown or the location of your work?

Perhaps it is more about the house layout. If you are looking home for a big family, you might need multiple stories and several bedrooms.

Whatever your requests are, don’t hesitate to talk to your realtor. It will be a starting point they will use to recommend an area or property.

What Schools, Stores, and Other Facilities Are Close to the House?

Apart from the location of the house itself, it is important what is nearby. If you have a child that goes to school, it is convenient if there is one nearby. A store can be convenient to not go far away when purchasing groceries. Perhaps you noticed a big-box store or a warehouse with tilt up wall construction.

Don’t forget to consider the options for spending leisure time. Do you have a park nearby where you could take your dog? Are there other options where you could spend time outdoors with your families?

Why Would I Like the House?

The realtor listened to your needs and recommended a home. Before heading to a tour, I would ask my agent why they think that property is right for me. Does it have the layout I wanted? Were acrylic countertops already placed in the kitchen?

If you picked a dedicated agent, they would suggest a home that meets as many of your requests as possible. They will also consider if the house meets the regulations and whether it is built to code.

As a buyer, the odds are you will want to conduct an inspection. You can save some time by asking the realtor if they ever did that before. Being familiar with any potential serious damage issue is critical for any home buyer.

Is the Price of the House Realistic?

Once you have all the information available, I would ask the agent if they believe the price is realistic. Feel free to ask them about similar properties in the area so that you can compare the costs. You can also search for this information yourself by driving around the neighborhood or checking the data available online.

Don’t forget that you will need to invest in tailoring the home to your needs. You might have noticed the roof should be replaced. If that is true, it is critical to make a long-term choice, and cedar shingle roof life expectancy is approximately 30 years.

Additionally, you should also discuss the cost of living in that house. That could include:

  • Utility bills
  • HomeOwners Association Fees
  • Insurance deals
  • Any other recurring expenses

Asking the agent about these details secures that you know what you are going into, which means there will be no surprises down the road.

What Will Be the Payment Scheme?

Finally, you should always ask the realtor about the acceptable payment schemes. The seller might look for big payment upfront, or they could have some other specific requests. An experienced real estate agent can help you work out a deal that suits both parties.

Skylar Ross is a contributor to the Innovative Materials blog. He is a content writer for the construction and home improvement industries with an interest in landscaping, outdoor remodeling, and interior design. Skylar is focused on educating homeowners, contractors, and architects on innovative materials and methods of construction that increase property value, improve sustainability, and create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

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