Tips for Home Sellers: Staging With Purpose

Staging is the act of sprucing and setting up a home to make it as visually appealing as possible to a prospective buyer. Creating an eye-appealing home – one that potential buyers can envision themselves living in – is the best investment in the sales effort.
Sellers often fail to take full advantage in this regard, as it takes considerable time and work. However, the payoff is proven. Staging is considered one of the most effective marketing strategies to increase the value of your home.
This strategy is effective in any market, in any type of home property being listed. It applies equally to sing-family houses, apartments, townhouses, and condos. This approach works! Agents and sellers using this tactic have a greater chance of selling the property for more money.
In today’s competitive real estate market, selling your home requires hard work and dedication. A motivated seller can bring the home to the marketing forefront.
Staging the home will:
• Distinguish it from the competition
• Attract top dollar from home buyers
• Provide a visual edge over the competition

Consider these results from surveys conducted by Coldwell Banker and the National Association of Realtors ®:
• Staged homes spend 50% less time on the market than homes that were not staged
• Stage homes sold for more than 6% above asking price
• A staging investment of 1% to 3% of asking price generates an ROI of between 8% and 10%
• Homes staged prior to listing sold 79% faster than homes staged after listing

Most home shoppers are envisioning a fresh start. If they can picture themselves living in a home, the home will be easier to sell. This is known as “interior curb appeal,” where the eyes are drawn to inviting spaces and light, as well as to unique features. Each room needs a purpose or suggested use. The home must feel new to reflect ease of upkeep. The goal is to create a clean, simple, and contemporary feel. Painting, updating fixtures, and eliminating stained carpets and popcorn ceilings can affect the saleability of the home by 75%!

The idea is to neutralize the home regarding personal taste or decoration such that buyers can easily envision the home as it would be outfitted in their taste or with their possessions. In staging, distractions are removed so the home shopper can imagine living in each space of the house.

In staging, a visibly inviting space is created so that the home shopper can envision or imagine life in that space. Minimization is the key. The seller’s personal taste and style will be showcased while the home is on the market, which may be a sale distraction. Preparing for moving is part and parcel of selling a home; it might as well be done at this stage of the process to enhance the property’s saleability.
Every room must be stage to show function. An empty room used for overflow of boxes, possessions, or unwanted items should be transformed into a usable, desirable space. Every room should have a purpose and be user-friendly. Make your home’s traffic flow obvious so buyer can browse each room without effort.

Once every room has a purpose, creating atmosphere is crucial to making the home desirable. Decorative touches of greenery, flowers, and lit candles give life to a room. Any splashes of bold color should appear in wall art or any place you want to draw attention.
Learn to strike a balance between staging and living in your home. The main goal is to keep your house clean and free of clutter that distracts would-be buyers. Even simple things can make a big impact on the final sale price of a home. Staging done well is one of those things!
You have two options for staging a home: do it yourself or hire a professional home stager. If you are considering hiring someone, The Batchelor Hanna Group can provide recommendations.

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